Biblical Hebrew Homeschool Curriculum


  • Like the Jonah Copybook and Malachi Interlinear Hebrew Translation Workbook, Ruth is for beginning and more advanced students to use in different ways
  • Once the beginner can read and write, these workbooks develop fluency and provide a foothold in grammar, syntax, idiom, and translation, working straight from books of the Bible
  • They are also for use by students who are ready to begin reading and translating longer passages of Scripture without frustration over a stack of references
  • Ruth: An Interlinear Hebrew Translation Workbook includes the entire Hebrew text of Ruth, word for word glosses, pronunciation and handwriting reference charts, directions and space for copywork and translation exercises, and grammar and translation notes.
  • Unique to Ruth is an emphasis in the endnotes on verb stems. Biblical Hebrew 2 ends with an introduction to the verb stems beyond qal. This workbook will help students recognize and understand less common verb forms, and so is recommended for use after completing Biblical Hebrew 2, as a bridge to further, independent reading and translating from Scripture
  • Suitable as a supplement to any Biblical Hebrew course
  • Beautiful cover art by Camille Pissarro
  • Ruth: An Interlinear Hebrew Translation Workbook,
    8.5" x 11", 72 pages, paper, $14.95

Ruth: An Interlinear Hebrew Translation Workbook

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