Biblical Hebrew Homeschool Curriculum


Das Bilderbuch, Fritz von Uhde, 1889

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This curriculum was a breath of fresh air compared to many other Hebrew-teaching products I've seen. The materials are top-notch, high quality, and well written...I would highly recommend this curriculum to any homeschool family looking to learn Hebrew...a wonderful program!

--Molly Green magazine, Fall 2016; Read the full review

I like the friendly tone and playful attitude of this course that help alleviate some of the intimidation of learning a challenging language.

--Cathy Duffy,
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We are now in Chapter 4 of Biblical Hebrew 2 and we love it!  My three teens feel like they are successfully accomplishing learning healthy, daily portions :)  And we really appreciate that there is so much more interesting information and teachings in each chapter that is above and beyond the grammar and vocabulary.

Thank you for creating this series!  It's awesome! --H.S.

Malachi Translation WOrkbook

I must thank you for your labours in producing the workbook on Malachi. It is proving to be a great blessing and help to me. I can almost translate the whole book now thanks to you. (Technically though, at 50 years of age, the work is not meant for me!) --T.C., UK

Jonah Copybook

Thank you and your family for offering this much-needed asset to Christian education! I'm thrilled that young Christian boys and girls are learning Hebrew and hope that many more will do so to the glory of God. --A.L.,IN

Biblical Hebrew 2

I think your exposition of the vocabulary and structure of grammar is excellent. The program is clear and doable. I just listened to the CD twice through...It is so beautiful and wonderful! --R., NY

I am working on the Biblical Hebrew primer on my own. It is very understandable and fun! --L., age 11

Biblical Hebrew: A Homeschool Primer

Everything looks great.  You put a lot of work into these lessons!!! Thanks again for the fast shipping!! --J.L., MO

We are very excited about learning Biblical Hebrew (and a little nervous). I am encouraged, though, now that I see your books. Thank you for following through with the vision God placed on your hearts to write this kind of curriculum...I am excited to see how God will use this in the future to enhance our ministry. --C., NY

Traditional Hebrew Songs CD

We are really enjoying  the Hebrew course as a family. Just wonderful. Thank you ever so much! --H., MA

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