Biblical Hebrew Homeschool Curriculum

Jonah Copybook

Jonah Copybook: An Interlinear Hebrew Translation Workbook
  • An interlinear translation workbook for beginning and more advanced students to use in different ways
  • Once the beginner can read and write, this book develops fluency and provides a foothold in grammar, syntax, idiom, and translation
  • Also for use by a student who is ready to begin translating passages of Scripture without tearing out hair over a stack of references
  • Includes the entire Hebrew text of Jonah, word for word basic definitions, pronunciation and handwriting reference charts, and directions and space for copywork and translation
  • Suitable as a supplement to any Hebrew course
  • Outstanding cover art features 13th century illuminated Hebrew manuscript and Assyrian bas-reliefs
  • see our similar Malachi and Ruth workbooks, with translation notes
  • 8.5" x 11", 38 pages, paper, $14.95


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