Biblical Hebrew Homeschool Curriculum

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts and with our apologies, typos exist.
We do not want them to confuse you, so we have listed known printing errors below.
In Biblical Hebrew: A Homeschool Printer
  • page 48: In the left column, the one of Hebrew words, the third word from the top should be spelled with a chet (Lesson 10), rather than hey (Lesson 7)
  • page 105: In the eighth line of Hebrew text, the Hebrew word furthest to the left should be spelled with a chet rather than hey
In Annotations and Answers
  • Page 95: In the left column of Hebrew words, in the second word from bottom, there should be one more line to divide syllables between the tav and kaf sofit.
  • page 60: Sudoku puzzle answer key has errors in middle top white box. The correct solutions in Arabic numerals are shown below. In Hebrew letters, the lowest right box in that middle top white box (the 2) should be a bet, and the vav just to the left of it (the 4) should be a dalet.
Jonah Copybook: An Interlinear Hebrew Translation Workbook
In Biblical Hebrew: Show and Tell DVD
  • Lessons 19 and 20: the final letter in prophet should be alef, not mem sofit