Biblical Hebrew Homeschool Curriculum

Biblical Hebrew: A Homeschool Primer

  • Teaches how to read and write Biblical Hebrew with a gentle introduction to vocabulary and grammar
  • With reverence for God, creative exercises, and a dash of fun, Biblical Hebrew unrolls the scroll for a lifetime of hearing God speak
  • Use as the foundation of high school foreign language credits; a deluxe, year-long exploration of Biblical geography, culture, and worldview; or as a prequel to any Hebrew course
  • Thorough and encouraging for ages 9 and up
  • Designed to be accompanied by Biblical Hebrew: Annotations and Answers, a teacher's guide with music CD


Basic Set: Student Text, Teacher's Guide, and Music CD: $51.90


Complete Primer Set: Primer, Teacher's Guide, Music CD, DVD set, and Jonah Copybook: $107.80


Student Text only: 8.5" x 11", 194 pages, paper, $24.95

Biblical Hebrew: A Homeschool Primer

Sample Pages


Includes all of the primer level and textbook level resources, with one book free!

8 books, 2 DVDs, 1 CD: Biblical Hebrew: A Homeschool Primer, Biblical Hebrew: Annotations and Answers, Traditional Hebrew Songs CD, Biblical Hebrew: Show and Tell DVD, Jonah Copybook, Biblical Hebrew 2 (paperback), Biblical Hebrew 2 Workbook and Answer Key, Malachi, Ruth



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